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About KonneKt World

About the KonneKt Experience
“A brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” - John C. Crosby

KONNEKT is a global, professional, mentoring and coaching platform with personalized programs that seeks to develop its fellows in their educational journeys, career development and management, emotional/psychological well-being and relationship building.

What is unique about KONNEKT's mentoring platform is that we hold your hand during your most difficult challenges and deepest fears. We help you develop unique strategies that can turn your challenges into tools that yield extraordinary results in any area of your life.

The KONNEKT Mentoring program is designed to help its mentees expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from a more experienced person, and build their professional networks.

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    KONNEKT Xperience 5 interest areas

    The KonneKt Xperience focuses on 5 interest areas:



    • Emotional Wellbeing

    • Relationship

    • Networking

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    KONNEKT Xperience Guidance

    From navigating through your educational or academic goals, career path choice, skills development, advice on working in a changing environment, establishing a balanced emotional wellbeing to managing professional and personal relationships your KONNEKT Mentor will guide you, answer your questions, and share practical strategies for success.

    What To Expect – opportunity to test your people skills in a professional and fun environment. Opportunity to build a real mentorship relation, discuss academic, business, social, emotional well-being, networking and relationship topics with your mentor. Also get advice on career and specificity of the working styles in companies in different industries.

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    Attributes of KONNEKT

    Attributes of KONNEKT

    1. A mélange of perspectives

    2. A Global affair

    3. Trusted expert network

    4. Interactive and comprehensive community

    5. A structured customized mentoring relationship

    6. An opportunity for one on one coaching

    7. Weekly webinars that host global and industry subject matter experts

The KonneKt Xperience