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KonneKt XP
The Perfect Solution for Mentoring

An innovative tool to open up possibilities

KonneKtXP is an innovative mentoring software that's easy-to-use, affordable, and is a creative way to manage all of your mentoring program’s initiatives. From maximizing participant engagement to streamlining data collection, and simplifying reporting, it's a powerful business tool.

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Customized for Your Specific Needs

We work with you to add custom fields unique to your organization. These custom fields are then available for reports and searching.

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Easy Mobile Phone & Personal Computer Access

For mentees and mentors, it couldn't be easier! With the iPhone and Android compatible KonneKtXP App, mentors can enter their mentoring hours anywhere and anytime. Also available is the Mentor Portal™ Website for access from personal computers.

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Secure Access from Anywhere

This cloud-based mentoring software solution allows you to access your database from any computer. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

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Communicate Effectively with Your Mentors

Mentees send messages to mentors that don't get lost in their personal email inboxes. The KonneKtXP also displays survey invitations and all mentoring related emails sent from our software.

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A Seamless Mentoring Experience

A video conferencing solution where mentors and mentees talk, share files and screens, and whiteboard ideas. Makes mentors’ and mentees’ meetings seamless, productive, and fun.

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1-on-1, Group Mentoring & Multiple Matches

All types of mentoring relationships are supported. Client and volunteer management available.

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Supports Evidenced-Based Mentoring

Tracking and documenting mentor-mentee contacts including date, length, and nature of each contact is a standard benchmark of an evidence-based mentoring program. Use our mentoring software to develop effective programs for:

  • Recruitment
  • Mentor training
  • Making matches
  • Monitoring and supporting matches
  • Match closure procedures

Historically, this has been a time intensive process that takes away valuable staff hours from other important work. With the Admin Portal you can implement this benchmark without making sacrifices.

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Mentor and Mentee Matching Assistance

View potential mentees or mentors based on shared interests and characteristics, distance apart (in miles), age, gender, and more.

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Works Hand in Hand with our Survey Engagements

Because survey invites are time sensitive, it is important to get mentors and mentees to complete surveys as quickly as possible. With the mentor-mentee portal, mentors and mentees are reminded to complete the survey every time they log in to enter their mentoring hours. Mentors can simply click the link and take the survey right there on their phone or compute –survey results are automatically linked with their record in your database. The Survey Module helps you implement scientifically tested relationship assessments and mentoring outcomes.

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Export All Data & Reports to Excel

Extract all your data including custom fields for further manipulation and custom analysis.

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All Your Data in One Place

Track mentors, mentees, matches, outcomes, contacts, volunteers, partners, donors, case management and more.

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